Feature Benefits
DB2 Database
XML support Data can be stored in its native XML format, split into relational database columns, or created from existing database objects. Improves data exchange between customers, suppliers, and partners.
OmniFind Text Search Server Now supports search in XML documents within DB2.
SQE enhancements Support for Logical Files transparently improves application performance. Adaptive Query Processing self-tunes queries on the fly.
Application Development
IBM Rational Open Access: RPG Edition Simplifies the development of transaction processing applications for mobile devices and web services when developing with Rational Developer for Power. Removes the requirement for the 5250 data stream.
Column level encryption Enables companies to secure - without application changes -a specific column in a database table. Tool providers, such as Patrick Townsend, nuBridges and Linoma Software, will supply encryption algorithms that exploit the new support.
IBM i can host IBM partitions of a different release IBM i 6.1 to host i 7.1 partitions and storage to enable simpler testing of a new release before a software upgrade. IBM i 7.1 can also host an i 6.1 partition, enabling companies to keep an application that requires an earlier release after upgrading their main application environment.
PowerHA Asynchronous Geographic Mirroring Extends the distance supported for multi-site DR solutions for both internal disk and SAN-based solutions.
LUN Level Switching A datacenter high availability solution, where a set of disks on IBM DS8000 or IBM DS6000 are automatically switched between servers for scheduled maintenance or in the event of a failure.
Hierarchical storage management with Solid State Drives IBM i automatically collects I/O performance data and moves most active data to Solid State Drives (SSD) to achieve optimal performance.
IBM Systems Director Navigator Can manage target servers running IBM i 5.4, 6.1 or 7.1 from a single browser environment.

Performance management and investigator capabilities are enhanced with additional storage and tape metrics, plus disk response time and Java memory perspectives.

DBA Facilities enhanced with new statistics to aid in identifying tables that might be a best fit for SSD based on Random or Sequential I/O behavior.
IBM Systems Director Management server enhanced to monitor and manage target IBM i environments, including PTF management.
IBM i Access for Windows 7.1 Enhancements include support for XML data type with the .NET, ODBC, and OLE DB providers.
BRMS Improved functions for managing backups, media, backup history, and recoveries.
IBM Transform Services Delivers Adobe output support to IBM i applications with new support to transform existing Spool Files to PDF.
Networking, Java and Web
Telnet Client SSL Support More secure communications using Telnet Client support between servers (also PTF to IBM i 6.1 & 5.4). Note: already supported with IBM i Access for Windows.
Zend Server Community Edition replaces Zend Core Replaces Zend Core and now preloaded with IBM i 7.1, 6.1, 5.4. Includes one year of Silver support from Zend, provided for no additional charge. Also available for download from zend.com.
Zend Server replaces Zend Platform Provides advanced functions such as application monitoring, page caching, code tracing and job queue.
Available from IBM with advanced support offerings and also available from zend.com
iSCSI Software Target Replaces current iSCSI adapter on Power server side with software in IBM i. Uses Ethernet adapters and network to connect Power to BladeCenter and System x.
IBM Technology for Java Java 5 and 6 support for 32-bit and 64-bit JVMs
Note: No longer shipping Classic JVM with IBM i.
IBM HTTP Server for i running Apache Supports latest Apache 2.2 release that is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant.
Integrated Web Services server Static WSDL support providing enhanced flexibility Now supports programs in iASP.

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