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I encourage you to take a look at my letter outlining the synergies we will gain by merging the compilers and tools teams into the IBM i Development organization, and also details as to our commitment to this platform.

Steve Sibley

The IBM i™ operating system has always been known for its innovative technology to run multiple applications in a single environment, virtualize storage with its single level storage, and to integrate security, DB2 for i, and other middleware. The combination of IBM i and IBM PowerVM™ deliver powerful virtualization technologies and together with IBM Power™ Systems offer an integrated solution for managing unpredictable growth.

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Systems Engineer Valerie Smith shares why she chooses IBM i for Virtualization.

Valerie Smith

The IBM i platform provides comprehensive solution capabilities for a highly secure system environment. Sophisticated technologies combine to minimize the potential risk posed by security threats, while better enabling you to rapidly adapt and respond to changing security policy requirements.

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IBM i offers an integrated language environment that supports a broad range of open application options, with best-of-breed IBM Rational® development tools as well as a wide range of options from IBM tools partners. The integrated language environment for i enables companies to exploit existing application assets, while taking advantage of new business opportunities with a range of open technologies. A variety of technologies can be used to implement a Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), integrating traditional transaction processing language environments with today’s open source technologies.

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At a very basic level, IBM i licensing is based on the hardware model, machine size (small, medium, and large), and processor groups. In general, one license or “entitlement” is required per processor core. Some IBM i models allow per user licenses to be used in addition to per processor licensing.

IBM i user entitlements

An IBM i user is a person who accesses the IBM i operating system through one or more connections. The user exchanges credentials (user identifications) either directly with the operating system, or indirectly through application or middleware software that is supported by the operating system. On system models that offer user entitlements, you must acquire entitlements for the maximum number of IBM i users who are authenticated on the system at the same time (concurrent IBM i users).

IBM i processor entitlements

In addition to licensing by the number of IBM i users, the operating system is also licensed by processor. Each IBM i model that offers user entitlements includes at least one IBM i processor entitlement. You might need to purchase additional processor entitlements to configure or run the operating system on additional processors.

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System management

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Platform management

Manage your platforms and environments in the event of a power outage, plan for seasonal computational needs or monitor key resources, and be as efficient as possible with your IS staff.

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Performance management

Provides the capabilities for you to understand and manage the performance of your computing environment.

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Storage management

Automates a majority of your storage management tasks with state of the art disk storage subsystems, self-managing and easy to use interfaces, and sophisticated software automation.


Software comes in many flavors for IBM i operating systems, from the operating system itself, to middleware, to industry solutions. This site points you to the components of this broad category and describes the functions and features of various offerings.