System/38 Utilities is used to run applications that were written using System/38 Data File Utility or System/38 Query and that were migrated from the System/38. The alternative is to rewrite all these existing System/38 applications. The Text Management/38 component of System/38 Utilities for IBM i is for use by migrators whose word processing and data processing personnel use the Text Management/38 component of System/38 Personal Services.

Solutions and benefits

The System/38 Utilities for IBM i program provides functions that are compatible with System/38 Release 8 functions to allow applications dependent upon those functions to be migrated to the IBM i server. These functions are also tools used by the application developer on System/38.


Data File Utility/38 (DFU/38) permits users to establish their own data entry application, optimized for their use, and unique to their requirements. This is similar to the System/38 Release 8 Interactive Database Utilities for IBM i DFU function.

Query/38 provides the capability to access (but not change) information in database files. The user first creates the Query application by responding to a series of menus and prompts. The application may then be executed to produce the report (printed or displayed) or output to a database file. Query/38 provides compatibility with the System/38 Release 8 Interactive Database Utilities for the IBM i Query function.

Text Management/38 provides word processing capabilities to migrating System/38 customers with no integrated IBM i office support. Text Management/38 allows users to create, store, retrieve, revise, check document spelling, provide synonyms and automatic hyphenation, and print documents. The user can access the database interactively from the Text Management/38 program at edit time or at print time to include database information in a text document. In addition, forms can be created and filled in on the display or stored in the system for later use.

No further enhancements are planned for this product.