IBM i Access for Windows

Using VMware

Software support services for IBM i products for Windows® in a VMware® (virtualization) environment

This technote outlines the IBM Remote Technical Support policy for IBM i software products for Windows® such as IBM i Access running on VMware® images such as VMware® ESX Server or VMware® Server.

IBM's Remote Technical Support policy statement for VMware® environments:
IBM Remote Technical Support will accept usage/defect-related service requests for IBM i products for Windows® running in a VMware® ESX Server or VMware® Server environment. If it appears that the problem is unique to the VMware® environment, IBM may require the client to recreate the problem in a non-VMware® environment.


  1. The above statement is for Remote Technical Support only and does not indicate whether IBM products for Windows® are "certified" to operate in a VMware® environment. "Official" environment statements are made in individual IBM product announcements.
  2. VMware® is a third-party (non-IBM) software product that provides a hypervisor environment. For additional VMware® vendor and product information go to url:

Questions and answers:

  1. Does IBM provide remote technical support for IBM software products for Windows® when running in a VMware® environment?
    Answer: Yes. If a client has a valid IBM i support contract and encounters a problem when running an IBM i product for Windows® in a VMware® environment, IBM will provide remote technical support for the IBM i product.
  2. Does IBM provide support for VMware® ESX & VMware Server itself?
    Answer: Yes. IBM has a Business Partner relationship with VMware®. IBM support for VMware® ESX & VMware Server is available through an IBM ServicePac for Remote Technical Support from IBM Global Services (IGS).
  3. Does IBM provide remote technical support for IBM software products for Windows® that are not "certified" or state that they support the VMware® environment?
    Answer: Yes. Regardless of the individual IBM product "official" environment statement, clients who have a valid License Agreement and an IBM i Support Contract will receive remote technical support for the IBM software for Windows®running in a virtual machine environment (such as the VMware® ESX Server environment).
  4. Will IBM correct all defects for IBM products that are running in a VMware® environment?
    Answer: Not necessarily. As under other operating environments, IBM does not warrant that all code defects will be corrected. IBM will issue defect correction information, a restriction, or a bypass to IBM products if the defect is also applicable in a native physical machine environment (i.e. without the virtualization software). That determination may require that the problem be recreated in a native environment by the client. If the problem does not occur or cannot be recreated in a native environment, it will not be considered an IBM product defect.

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