Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest in enterprise business continuity or tried and true security and high availability for your IBM Power Systems – AIX continues to provide operating system innovation that can meet your needs.


Innovation for enterprise UNIX

  • AIX Live Update allows non-disruptive kernel updates
  • Built-In Dynamic System Optimizer for maximizing the efficiency of your system
  • AIX integrated I/O caching for flash optimized storage solutions
  • SR-IOV-enhanced virtual networking with live partition mobility support for better performance and scaling
  • Support for the Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI)
  • Latest version with a more frequent release schedule
  • Continued binary compatibility with earlier releases of AIX

Proven and stable

  • Binary compatibility with previous releases of IBM AIX®
  • Tremendous vertical scalability to provide capacity and growth for your IT infrastructure
  • Built-in clustering capabilities to simplify high availability
  • Enhancements to virtualization capabilities to provide flexibility to support changing workloads
  • Exploits the IBM POWER® technology and virtualization to help deliver superior performance and efficiency

Are you looking for older versions? AIX 6.1 (PDF, 810KB) / AIX 5.3



AIX version comparison

Feature 5.3 6.1 7.1 7.2
Binary compatibility
Live Partition Mobility
nPort ID virtualization (NPIV)
Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
Workload Partitions  
Trusted Execution  
Role-based access control (RBAC)  
Live system backup (mksysb)  
Active system optimizer  
Native POWER8 support    
Dynamic Flash Caching    
Versioned Workload Partitions (5.2 and 5.3)    
Cluster Aware AIX    
vNIC support    
RootVG health monitoring    
AIX Live Update for i-fixes, SPs, and TLs      
Dynamic System Optimizer (DSO)      
CAPI support      
RDSv3 support for RoCE      


Hardware support comparison

AIX is built to run on IBM Power Systems, and to fully exploit the new technologies introduced with each generation. Below you’ll find the recommended levels for each version and technology level, but also consider what hardware compatibility mode you’ll be able to run in with each version. You’ll always get the best performance and efficiency on the latest generation’s native mode.

System AIX 5.3 AIX 6.1 AIX 7.1 AIX 7.2
POWER81 2,3

AIX release roadmap

Technology Levels (TLs) are minor releases that allow you to take advantage of new features without major disruption. TLs have a lifecycle of 3 to 4 years, depending on the frequency and maturity of the release. Past the end of the last TL’s lifecycle, IBM offers both Service Extension and sometimes Extended Support options for each AIX Version.

All statements regarding IBM's future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice, and represent goals and objectives only.


AIX Editions

You can purchase AIX either on its own, or bundled with supporting software. Both editions can be ordered with either of the currently offered versions: AIX 7.1 or AIX 7.2.


AIX Standard Edition

(Product ID: 5765-G98)

This is the AIX operating system –it’s the platform you want for your mission critical data. And it fully takes advantage of the IBM Power Systems platform.

AIX Enterprise Edition V1.2

(Product ID: 5765-CD1 for AIX 7.1, 5765-CD3 for AIX 7.2)

In addition to the AIX Standard Edition operating system, this includes software to help effectively manage, optimize and secure your Power Systems infrastructure.

Running AIX Version 5.X applications

Migrate to AIX V7 and POWER8

Be assured of your software compatibility with the binary compatibility guarantee.

POWER8 support for AIX 5.3

Run these workloads natively on POWER8 for a limited time.

Run AIX 5.X applications under AIX V7 with versioned workload partitions

Minimize the effort to consolidate older AIX workloads on the latest generation of Power Systems servers. Now you can more efficiently manage the lifecycle of your legacy AIX environments.

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