Are you facing more IT demands with shrinking IT budgets? It’s time to upgrade to IBM POWER8

POWER8 is the optimal platform to support business critical workloads at the lowest cost. With 2X the performance of the previous generation, POWER8 can manage your most important applications while processing more data with fewer cores - driving down software license costs and lowering TCO.

With POWER8, you keep all the benefits of the systems you know, while accessing open innovation, improving price performance, and connecting your critical workloads to the cloud.

See how other companies succeed with POWER8.

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See how companies are getting ahead with performance, scalability, openness and security using POWER8.

Zato Health

Siloed data is a fact of life in healthcare. It’s also an inhibitor to analytics that can help physicians design better treatment plans. So Zato used POWER8 to see beyond the silo walls and start curing faster.

Banking and finance



Overnight processing is 40% faster on POWER8.


Royal Arctic Line


Greenland counts on Royal Arctic. Royal Arctic counts on POWER8.


U.S. Department of Energy


Greener transportation starts in labs powered by POWER8.

See how much you could be saving by upgrading to POWER8

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Client success stories: Fransabank

Overnight processing that’s 40% faster on POWER8
gives you more time with customers.

Fransabank, one of Lebanon’s oldest and largest banks, found themselves in an enviable position: they were growing too quickly. Following several key acquisitions, the bank was flourishing with nearly 40% growth in one year.

With that growth came a new responsibility. They were obliged to maintain service levels for all their new customers, while also undertaking a massive increase in the time it took to run required compliance reports each day.

And it was those reports that spurred Fransabank to action on upgrading to POWER8. The reports had to be completed every evening and each morning before the bank could open for business. But their current system was lagging under the weight of all the new data from all the new transactions.

“As the business grew rapidly and continuously, a main pillar of our IT strategy was to implement a robust, scalable, and highly performing infrastructure capable of accompanying the business growth by processing a larger volume of data and transactions in less time.”
— Roland Tabib, CIO, Fransabank

To meet their business growing demands, Fransabank upgraded to POWER8. A single IBM POWER E870 server running an IBM iOS handles end-of-day, early-morning, and end-of-month processing for the financial institution. POWER8, combined with Flash storage, added an astounding component of speed: 40% performance gains across the board.

“The combination of FlashSystem and IBM iOS operating system on IBM POWER8 processors is working very well for us and contributing to the 40 percent performance gains we have seen across the board.”
— Roland Tabib, CIO, Fransabank

Client success stories: Royal Arctic Line

If it goes to Greenland by sea, it goes on Royal Arctic.
POWER8 makes it possible.

All sea cargo going to Greenland—medicine, valuable technical equipment, and essential supplies—goes on Royal Arctic. With a nation waiting, Royal Arctic has no time for downtime.

Inhospitable weather, Arctic storms—Royal Arctic has to maintain reliability in some of the worst conditions in the world. That’s why Royal Arctic chose to upgrade to POWER8 for its reliability and performance.

“Our job is only made possible thanks to partners like IBM, who provide the technology we can rely on in any circumstance.”
— Dragan Kesic, CIO, Royal Arctic Line

Two POWER8 servers, working in conjunction with IBM iOS and IBM PowerHA, helped Royal Arctic slash backup times by nearly 99%. Royal Arctic Line is ready for any challenge. With subsecond failover, they’re back up and running almost instantly.

As a result, Greenland residents receive their goods on time, every time, with much more detailed tracking and delivery information than before.

“Greenland’s harsh climate and isolated communities mean that we must always strive for our shipments to arrive on time. The IBM Power Systems platform has provided us with exceptional stability for years, making it the only choice to support our critical cargo management system.”
— Dragan Kesic, CIO, Royal Arctic Line

Client success stories: Zato Health

Faster throughput on POWER8 can save lives.

Medical data is historically extremely siloed. The mergers and acquisitions boom in the healthcare industry has only exacerbated that trend. Now whenever two companies become partners, each brings with them their own electronic health record data repository, and these are not designed for interoperability and data sharing.

Therein lied the problem for Zato Health: as a healthcare data company, they relied on the ability to search disparate sources of siloed information to help physicians and professionals improve patient outcomes and returns.

“The Zato Health software platform…will accelerate benefits to patients, providers, and payers from next-generation medical record processing, automated coding, and reporting of quality measures, leveraging the uniquely efficient and cost-effective architecture of IBM POWER8 servers.”
— Paul McOwen, Chief Executive Officer, Zato Health

POWER8 was an obvious choice to help Zato see beyond silo walls, since Power Systems users get twice the query results per core per hour than they would on x86. But what does that mean to users?It means analytics that used to take thousands of hours now takes less than 30 minutes. It means disparate data sets are accessible and analyzed from a single pane of glass.

It means the people whose job it is to help people are suddenly able to help faster, and with more informed data-driven plans of care. It means sick people are cured sooner.

Client success stories: The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Cutting edge aerodynamics start with POWER8.

Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) is the Department of Energy’s transportation research hub. They are charged with finding smarter and greener ways to get goods where they need to go, and POWER is how they’re choosing to make that happen.

ORNL chose IBM to help them deliver their next generation of supercomputers. IBM’s data-centric approach promises to deliver significant performance gains vs. x86 with lower TCO and major consolidation benefits.

IBM’s data-centric approach to supercomputing embeds computing power closer to the data and away from the CPU to minimize the cost and energy uses associated with moving the unrelentingly large amounts of information required to complete the modeling and analytics associated with big data.

“Data is coming at you from 26 billion sensors… and you want all that information…to be readily accessible and applicable to solving a big modeling problem.”
— Dr. Jeff Nichols, Associate Director, Oak Ridge National Lab

IBM and The Department of Energy expect to see 5–10 times the performance for their new supercomputers, compared to commercially available supercomputers, with the ability to move data at an astounding 17 petabytes per second whenever necessary.