The IBM Power 595 server has been withdrawn from the market, effective July 29, 2011. The learn more links provide information on the Power 595.

The IBM Power™ 595 server is designed to help enterprises deploy the most cost effective and flexible IT infrastructure while achieving the industry’s best application performance and increasing the speed of deployment of new applications and services. As the most powerful member of the IBM Power Systems™ family, this server provides exceptional performance, massive scalability and energy-efficient processing for a full range of complex, mission-critical applications with the most demanding computing requirements.

Equipped with ultra-high frequency IBM POWER6™ processors in up to 64-core, symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) configurations, the Power 595 server can scale rapidly and seamlessly to address the changing needs of today’s data center. With advanced PowerVM™ virtualization, EnergyScale™ technology and Capacity on Demand (CoD) options, the the Power 595 helps businesses take control of their IT infrastructure and confidently consolidate multiple UNIX®, IBM i and Linux® application workloads onto a single system.

Extensive mainframe-inspired reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features in the Power 595 help ensure that mission-critical applications run reliably around the clock. Clients have the ability to upgrade their POWER5™ 590 or 595 servers and know that their investment in IBM Power Architecture® technology has again been rewarded.

The Power 595 provides a solid foundation on which to consolidate server infrastructure, reduce the complexity of systems administration and optimize computing resources. With extraordinary power, proven IBM technology and expansive growth potential, the Power 595 server is ready to take your business to the next level.

Power 595 server


  • For data centers supporting large-scale transaction processing and database applications
  • For large-scale server consolidation to increase flexibility and lower operational and energy cost
  • For enterprises requiring the highest levels of RAS for their mission-critical applications

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