Could your business challenges be solved by the right infrastructure choices?

For today's organisations, solving business challenges means asking the right questions about one of your most important resources — your infrastructure. So what changes should you be considering?

Infrastructure solutions for real-time analytics

1. Implement Real-Time

Shockingly, 1 in 2 business leaders don't have access to the data they need to do their jobs well. 1

Today's infrastructures need to build data analytics and intelligence into their daily operations and transactions. That way, employees and leaders can have access to what they need when they need it.

3. Accelerate
Reaction Time

Accelerate Reaction Time

When you react quickly to situations (enabled by Big Data & Analytics), you can create up to 33% higher revenue growth. 3

Using integrated and high-performance infrastructure solutions, you can optimise your decision making in real time. That means the data you already have will be working harder for you, improving collaboration and problem solving while uncovering growth opportunities.

Empower Employees

2. Empower Employees with Access to Customer Information

Your infrastructure needs to enable shared (and secure!) access to all data, no matter what type it is or where it resides.

Implementing Big-Data and Analytics Infrastructure

By implementing the right Big Data & Analytics infrastructure solutions, retailers have increased their operating margins by 60%. 2

4. Gain Continuous Access
to Essential Tools

Infrastructure solutions for cloud

Today's leading companies? They're 2.4x more likely to use cloud infrastructure solutions to reinvent customer relationships. 4

54% of top executives believe the cloud offers enhanced revenue opportunities.

And 54% of top executives believe the cloud offers enhanced revenue opportunities. 5

Cloud brings you scalability and reliability, enabling continuous access to applications. What does that mean for you? Faster time to value, for starters.

 Improve Agility To Gain New Opportunities

5. Improve Agility To Gain New Opportunities

With cloud technology enabled by the right infrastructure, you'll find the doors to opportunity opening at every turn.

Improve agility to gain new opportunities

For starters, you'll enjoy 50% lower management costs,6 freeing up resources to help you innovate for the future.

6. Build a
Cloud That's Right For You

Open and integrated technology solutions from IBM can help your organisation optimise heterogeneous environments, ensuring the investments you make today will continue to pay off as you adopt a hybrid cloud.

Infrastructure solutions for implementing private and hybrid cloud

In fact, IBM private and hybrid infrastructure cloud solutions core utilisation and workload density are up to 2.5x higher than competing solutions. 7

Are you having the right conversations about your infrastructure?

Discover how Big Data & Analytics and cloud infrastructure solutions from IBM can drive better business outcomes.

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