Why IBM Spectrum Computing?

IBM Spectrum Computing uses intelligent workload and policy-driven resource management to optimise resources across the data centre, on premises and in the cloud. Now scalable to over 160,000 cores, IBM provides you with the latest advances in software-defined computing technology to help you unleash the power of your distributed mission-critical high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure, for up to 150x faster, analytics and big data applications as well as new generation open source frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark.

Optimised for compute and data-intensive workloads

What's New

Accelerate Science and Engineering

Learn how organisations can drive productivity and maximise the utilisation and value of their high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure with new IBM Spectrum LSF 10.1

Spark for Dummies

Learn about the state of Big Data today, along with how Spark can streamline and simplify the ways you interact with and extract value from it.

Boost your Big Data Analytics

Learn how to optimise your big data analytics infrastructure for performance, flexibility and long-term value and get insights from IDC Research VP Carl Olofson on deploying Spark in a production environment.

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