Flex System: The game changer

Innovation that transforms business.


Simple. Efficient. Flexible.

Built on Lenovo servers, EMC storage, and virtualization from VMware, VSPEX cloud and VDI solutions multiply the power of your infrastructure.

SAP HANA on Flex System

Analyze SAP transactional and analytical data in real time using no-compromise blade servers.

Flex System
Custom-build infrastructure to your requirements

Flex System represents an entirely new generation of technology, with more performance and bandwidth, true integrated enterprise SAN storage, and far more capability to consolidate and virtualize than previous systems. A game changer.

Businesses around the world have a timely opportunity to move forward beyond blade servers, transforming the data center by bringing together servers, networking, and storage – all under integrated management – with Flex System.

Your business needs an infrastructure solution with a flexible architecture to support your needs today, but also designed to support multiple generations of future technologies. You need simple, integrated management to keep operational costs down, but you also want a no-compromise design with long-term investment protection.

Whether you need to migrate an existing blade server infrastructure to simplify management and improve performance and flexibility, or implement new workloads, a converged infrastructure like Flex System can meet your needs.

Browse Flex System elements

Starting with an innovative chassis designed for new levels of simplicity, reliability, and upgradability, Flex System can help you go beyond blade servers. With a broad range of x86 and IBM POWER compute nodes, the Flex System V7000 storage node, advanced networking capabilities and sophisticated system management capabilities, you can upgrade your existing blade server system to this converged infrastructure to make your IT simpler, more flexible, more open, and more efficient.

Spotlight on Flex System

Lenovo Flex System Enterprise Chassis

Flex System, a new category of computing and the next generation of Smarter Computing, is anchored by the Flex System Enterprise Chassis.

How Cisco's UCS compares to Flex System

Clabby Analytics unveils the major differences!

Is "Scalable Blade" an Oxymoron?

Blades deliver density but required a tradeoff in scalability until now.

Go beyond blade servers with Flex System

Compute nodes that go beyond blade servers

1 IBM Flex System Flash on the IBM Flex System x240 Compute Node supports up to 1.6 TB compared to Dell M610 with 800 GB.

Networking capabilities designed for virtualization and cloud

Storage capabilities optimized for efficiency and performance

Management integration with Flex System Manager™

The community speaks

"We opted for Flex System because it offers the high availability, ease of management and cost-efficiency features that are always of central concern for public organizations like ours."

- Andrea Oliani, CIO at ULSS 20 Verona

"By choosing Flex System and managed services with Office IT- Partner, we have succeeded in slashing our IT cost per customer by a remarkable 50 percent."

- Mikael Folkesson, Development and Operations Manager, Fortnox

"With Flex System, we can offer a consistently excellent level of service, regardless of location."

- Dag Ydstebø, Senior IT Architect, Cegal

"The PureFlex System is incredible. It changed my life. Before I spent 50 percent of my time managing my infrastructure; now I only spend five percent of my time on this."

- Mr. Jean-Pierre Bidault des Chaumes, general secretary overseeing IT, security and risk management for Ets Claude Blandin et Fils.

"Flex System helps us deliver better value to citizens via higher-quality services at lower cost."

- Guillaume Ors, Director of Information Systems, Mairie de Clichy

"Our SAP ERP applications run reliably. We have had no downtime since we moved to the Flex System."

- Wilfried Grewe, CIO, MULTIVAC

"The performance of PureFlex is very impressive. Our business users noticed a positive change once the platform was in place."

- Georg Probst, Director Business Engineering Infrastructure, Lantal Textiles AG

"The integrated storage virtualization in the PureFlex is a huge bonus for us. If we acquire a company with different storage, we can integrate their storage with our new solution. It makes our lives so much easier."

- Shawn Southern, information technology manager, Ascent Solutions Inc.

“By consolidating our previous servers onto fewer, more powerful nodes in the IBM PureFlex enclosure, we have reduced our data center space requirements by 80 percent and reduced energy consumption by over 50 percent.”

- Alfred Alcon, Chief Technology Officer, Crèdit Andorrà

“We chose IBM for its performance and for the end-to-end coherence of the system with Flex System Manager.”

- Thomas Germain, CIO, Spie batignolles

“Cloud computing is helping provide very fast applications to our customers. Before we were able to deliver SAP instances in, one or two days, now we are talking about hours.”

- Jean-Francois Lauri, CEO, AGENTIL

“The versatility of PureFlex means that we didn't have to make a hasty decision about the future of our infrastructure or our core applications. We can move to whatever platform is best for Aquarius, whenever is best for our business.”

- Marie-France Baras, Chief Information Officer, CGA

“The PureFlex platform is sustainable because we can get higher-margin business. As an MSP, we can use this easily managed system to grow a customer until we become their full IT solutions provider. I really love the IBM PureFlex platform.”

- Matt Grosso, managing director group, Secure Infrastructure & Services

“Basing our cloud offerings on the ultra-reliable Flex System means that even small companies can profit from the reliability and scalability of cutting-edge IBM technology.”

- Maximilian Merkl, Managing Partner, Merkl IT

There are many more voices describing the benefits of IBM PureFlex System and Flex System.

Contact Lenovo for x86-based systems

Contact IBM for POWER and/or hybrid (POWER + x86) systems

Lenovo acquires IBM x86 systems

These IBM x86 products are now products of Lenovo in the U.S. and other countries. IBM will host x86-related content on ibm.com until migrated to Lenovo. During the transition, please interpret references to IBM in relation to transitioned products as Lenovo.


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