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Software and Solutions Top Gun is designed for all Software, Global Market, GBS/GTS, Systems, Marketing, Channel sellers, Digital Sales, and Business Partners who need to better understand how to sell IBM's Software solutions. This is a fast-paced, high-energy sales class that covers the IBM software capabilities and sales strategies at a coverage rep level.

This is a PASS/FAIL course, and attendees will be tested on the class pre-requisites. The Face-to-Face class will include daily quizzes, tests, graded exercises, and "Stand & Deliver" requirements.

It is an excellent offering for the seller who is in need of a high level overview of the IBM Software portfolio of capabilities and a fundamental knowledge IBM's software strategy.



Software and Solutions Top Gun is a 4.5 day face-to-face, graded sales class.


Key Audience

  • SW Coverage reps
  • Client leaders
  • Digital Sales reps, Software coverage reps, client reps, S&S reps, etc
  • Business Partners needing a “big picture” view of how to sell the software portfolio
  • Anyone who wants to make money selling IBM Software


  • Enable students with IBM Software portfolio capabilities, differentiators, business value, and strategy
  • Enable students to learn how to identify "as-a-service" sales opportunities
  • Enable students to create and communicate a seamless Cognitive Business solution vision for the customer
  • Enable students to leverage the breadth of IBM's software offerings to sell against the competition
  • Allow students to demonstrate what they learned in class with simulated practice and exercises


    Listen to the replay of the Top Gun Virtual Learning - Cognitive & Software Business Basic (Note: first day test in face-to-face class will be based on this material)


    General Topics (subject to change):

  • Becoming a Cognitive Business
  • IBM Analytics Platform & Solutions
  • IBM Hybrid Cloud Offerings
  • IBM Security Strategy
  • IBM Enterprise Social & Talent Solutions
  • IBM zSoftware Overview
  • Selling SaaS is your Business
  • Sales Techniques Exercises (e.g. elevator exercises, objection handling, talking with CxO, etc.)


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    Gery Perez

    John Ayo

    John Ayo

    Darlene Shamsid-Deen

    Darlene Shamsid-Deen

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