Why consider software-defined storage (SDS)?

Traditional data storage cannot overcome today’s challenges of scale, integration and flexibility.

Simply adding storage capacity drives up costs for both storage and management.
Manually managing across heterogeneous storage systems, silos and clouds increases administrative overhead.
Cloud environments and analytics, mobile and social applications require efficient, scalable solutions that deliver more value from data.

To address these challenges, software-defined storage separates the software that provides the intelligence for storage from the traditional hardware platform.

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Why are 60% of firms already committed to an SDS approach?

Increased flexibility

You can use a mix of heterogeneous hardware to meet changing demands.

Automated management

Policy-driven control helps put data in the right place at the right time at the right cost, automatically.

Cost efficiency

Using standards-based hardware, you can lower both acquisition costs and total cost of ownership.

Unlimited scalability

You can scale out your storage infrastructure and still manage it as a single enterprise-class system.

Enhanced agility

You can rapidly update your storage infrastructure to keep pace with business demands.

Minimal vendor lock-in

Heterogeneous hardware and open APIs mitigate vendor lock-in and enable the automation of infrastructure provisioning.

Why choose IBM software-defined storage?

Get a comprehensive family of SDS offerings

The IBM Spectrum Storage family offers scale-out block and file storage, storage virtualization, data protection, archiving, and storage management and automation.

Unlike some SDS solutions, IBM Spectrum Storage is based on proven technologies—integrated with a common interface—to help you simplify your storage infrastructure, cut costs and start gaining more business value from your data.

Partner with an SDS market leader

According to IDC data, IBM enjoys a top share positon in the software-defined storage-controller software market.

IBM is unique because we provide a comprehensive portfolio of SDS offerings, all under a common management framework and procurement model.

Revolutionize your data economics with IBM Spectrum Storage

● Analytics-driven hybrid cloud data management reduces costs up to 73%.
● Optimized hybrid cloud data protection reduces backup costs up to 53%.
● Fast data retention reduces TCO for active archive data up to 90%.
● Virtualization of mixed environments stores up to 5 times more data.

Evolve your existing infrastructure

You can deploy IBM Spectrum Storage solutions over time—and in any order—to meet your unique needs. No “rip and replace” is required.

All of the IBM Spectrum Storage offerings support a wide range of heterogeneous storage platforms and architectures, including IBM and third party platforms.

A better way to buy storage software

IBM Spectrum Storage Suite gives you unlimited access to all members of the IBM Spectrum Storage family with licensing on a flat, cost-per-TB basis. You can save up to 40 percent compared with licensing all capabilities separately.

This flexible, cost-effective solution makes pricing easy to understand and predictable as your capacity grows.