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The Solution Edition for Cloud Computing is an aggressively priced integrated solution offering for transitioning to cloud computing. It includes IBM z Systems hardware, Tivoli software and IBM services to deliver a cloud computing foundation that can be used to accelerate the business value of workloads.

This solution is designed for the customer who is seeking the benefits of cloud computing, such as the promise of cost reduction and operational efficiency. Operational efficiency is delivered through the standardization, automation and virtualization of services.

Many enterprises are not prepared to assume the risk associated with adopting workloads from a public cloud and have focused on harnessing the value of cloud computing behind their firewall. This solution creates private cloud service automation and management capability on z Systems, enabling enterprises to harvest the efficiencies and virtualization capability provided by the platform.

With this offering, IBM can transform new or existing mainframe resources into cloud computing infrastructure that can be used to provide value add services to the enterprise.

The Solution Edition for Cloud Computing provides a foundational framework for cloud computing that can be used as the foundation for broad workload optimized cloud offerings, such as virtual Linux infrastructure services, application development testing platform services and business critical software services.

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Infrastructure matters. Businesses turn to the IBM mainframe for unmatched security, operational efficiency, speed, seamless scale, and lower cost per transaction. The IBM z System, the world’s premier data and transaction engine, is enabled for mobile, integrates transactions and analytics, and delivers efficient and trusted clouds.


IBM z Systems combine leading-edge innovation and unparalleled capabilities to power cloud, business analytics, mobile applications, and the most important workloads.

Operating Systems

IBM z Systems supports multiple operation systems:

Through its hybrid computing capability, IBM z Systems with IBM z BladeCenter® Extension (zBX) also supports IBM® AIX® on Power, Microsoft Windows® and Linux® on System x®

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