TS1120 Tape Drive

Designed to support Business Continuity and Information Lifecycle Management



The IBM System Storage™ TS1120 Tape Drive (TS1120 tape drive) offers a solution to address applications that need high-capacity, fast access to data or long-term data retention. It is supported in IBM tape libraries, IBM frames that support stand-alone installation, and in an IBM 3592 Tape Frame Model C20 (3592 C20 frame) attached to a Sun StorageTek™ 9310 library.

The tape drive uses IBM 3592 Cartridges, which are available in limited capacity (100GB) for fast access to data, and standard capacity (500 GB) or extended capacity (700 GB) that help to reduce resources to lower total cost. All three cartridges are available in re-writable or Write Once Read Many (WORM) format.

TS1120 tape drives can be shared among supported open system hosts on a Storage Area Network (SAN) or between IBM FICON® and ESCON® mainframe hosts when attached to an IBM System Storage TS1120 Tape Controller (TS1120 tape controller). Sharing drives optimizes drive utilization and helps reduce infrastructure requirements.

High performance

The TS1120 tape drive supports a native data transfer rate of up to 104 MBps. In open system environments where data typically compresses at 2:1, the TS1120 tape drive can transfer data up to 200 MBps. In a mainframe environment where data typically compresses at 3:1, a single tape drive can transfer data up to 260 MBps. This can help reduce backup and recovery times or require fewer resources to support the environment.

Common features

Hardware summary

Feature Benefits
Up to 2.1 TB on a 3592 JB/JX cartridge
Data transfer rate up to 260 MBps with 3:1 compression
3592 media
Supports encryption and key management
Small form factor
Virtual backhitch and high resolution directory
Compatibility with existing IBM tape automation installations
System i, System p, System z and System x support
Recording technique Linear Serpentine
Number of tracks 896
Native capacity 700 GB (using JB/JX media), 3003/500 GB (using JA/JW media) or 60 3/100 GB (using JJ/JR media)
Adaptive data rates 104, 85, 70, 55, 41 and 35 MBps for 3592 cartridges initialized in Gen 2 format
54, 41, 36, 31 and 27 MBps for 3592 cartridges initialized in Gen 1 format
Burst data rate 400 MBps
High-speed search 10 mps
Warranty One year
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 95 mm H x 198 mm W x 467 mm D (3.8 in x 7.8 in x 18.4 in)
Weight 5.7 kg (12 lbs 7 oz)
Operating environment
Temperature with media 16° to 32 °C (60° to 90 °F)
Relative humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing (limited by media)
Wet bulb maximum 26 °C (78.8 °F)
Heat output 307 BTU/hr
Power requirements 50 Watts
 Platform Support
Platform Operating System
IBM System p IBM AIX® and SUSE Enterprise Server
System i IBM i5/OS® 1 and IBM OS/400® 1
System x See open system support
System z IBM z/OS®, IBM z/VM®, IBM VSE/ESA™ and SUSE Enterprise Server
Open Systems Hewlett-Packard HP-UX
Sun Microsystems Solaris
Servers with Intel® or AMD processors SUSE Linux®
Red Hat
Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows NT®, Windows Server® 2003
Encryption support z/OS, z/VM, i5/OS, AIX, HP, Sun, Linux and Windows

Controller highlights

The IBM System Storage® TS1120 Tape Controller is designed to offer ESCON® and FICON® attachment of either IBM System Storage TS1120 or TotalStorage 3592 J1A Tape Drives in an IBM System Storage TS3400, TS35000 or TotalStorage 3494 Tape Library, IBM TotalStoage 3592 ModelC20 frame or standalone rack or frame. To support drives in a 3494 tape library and 3592 C20 frames, the TS1120 tape controller must reside in an IBM 3952 Tape Frame Model F05.

Tape drives can be shared by FICON and ESCON hosts which may help reduce hardware and infrastructure requirements. The TS1120 tape controller also offers the ability to perform non-disruptive addition of tape drives which helps enhance configuration flexibility and availability.

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