IBM 3592 Tape Cartridge

High-capacity tape media designed for reliability



IBM 3592 Tape Cartridges are designed to work with the first-generation IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3592 Model J1A (3592 J1A tape drive) and the second-generation IBM System Storage TS1120 Tape Drive (TS1120 Tape Drive).

Cartridges are available in three lengths and in either re-writeable or Write Once, Read Many (WORM) formats. The short length 3592 JJ/JR cartridges provide rapid access to data and the standard length 3592 JA/JW cartridges provide high capacity. The 3592 Extended Data JB and Extended WORM JX 700GB high capacity cartridges support TS1120 tape drives only.

Common features

Hardware summary

Feature Benefits
WORM support
Advanced security features
Advanced magnetic coating
Specially refined coating formulation
Cartridge memory chip
  Cartridge capacities
when used with 3592
J1A Tape Drives
Tape Cartridge capacities when used with TS1120 Tape Drives
Cartridge type JJ/JR JA/JW JJ/JR JA/JW JB/JX
Native capacity 60 GB 300 GB 60 GB
100 GB
300 GB
500 GB
700 GB
Open System capacity (2:1 compression) 120 GB 600 GB 120 GB
200 GB
600 GB
1.0 TB
1.4 TB
System z capacity (3:1 compression) 180 GB 900 GB 180 GB
300 GB
900 GB
1.5 TB
2.1 TB
Long-length durability 300 full file passes
Short-length durability 40,000 cycles at ambient
Load/unload 20,000 load, unload, and initialization cycles
Estimated archive life Up to 30 years
Warranty 10 years
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 24.5 mm H x 109 mm W x 125 mm D (0.97 in x 4.3 in x 4.9 in)
Weight 239 g (8.4 oz)
Tape length 2001 Ft nominal (610m)
JB/JX 2706 Ft nominal (825m)
Operating environment
Temperature 16° to 32° C (60° to 90° F)
Relative humidity 20% to 80%
Wet bulb maximum 23° C (73.4° F)
Safety characteristics
Toxicity Non-hazardous to human health in anticipated use
Flammability Self-extinguishing per UL94

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