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Using Hyper-Scale Mobility to perform Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 online volume migrations with the IBM XIV Storage System Gen3

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Eric B Johnson

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IBM Systems

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IBM System Storage; XIV storage systems

Abstract: This technical white paper demonstrates the IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility impact to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 data and log volumes that undergo online volume migrations from a source to destination IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 located at the same site. A 16,000 user mailbox configuration is spread across two Database Availability Group (DAG) hosts that run a Microsoft Exchange Jetstress 2013 multi-host workload before, during, and after the online volume migrations. A single DAG host performs online volume migrations to a destination storage array during Jetstress tests while the other host volumes remain on the source storage array. IBM XIV and host performance data is shared and analyzed to provide Microsoft email administrators a comprehensive account of how the various IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility stages affect the host workload and the source and destination storage arrays.


Hardware; Software; Solutions


Planning and Design


ISV Applications




IBM Storage




IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 Hyper-Scale Mobility hyperscale online volume migration Microsoft Exchange Server Jetstress 2013 performance planning design nondisruptive non-disruptive isv Eric B. Johnson

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