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How Do IBM Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Back Up z/VM and Linux on System z Environments?

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Michael Sine
Tracy Dean

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Linux on zSeries; Tivoli Storage Manager; z/VM

Abstract: Planning for full system and incremental backup capabilities is an integral part of the migration plan for many customers migrating workloads to Linux on System z. Depending on the configuration of the System z environment, customers can select to use a z/VM specific strategy, a Linux specific strategy, or a combination of the two for their backup plan.

Backup Mgr and TSM July 2014 Final.pdfBackup Mgr and TSM July 2014 Final.pdf




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IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software; Tivoli


Linux; VM


TSM, Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM, Linux on System z Backup, Backup Linux

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