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Getting started with analysis of GC, Heapdumps and Javacores For WebSphere on z/OS

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Don Bagwell
Edward McCarthy

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: IBM has previously published a whitepaper titled: “Introducing the IBM Support Assistant for WebSphere on z/OS”. That white paper described the IBM Support Assistant ( ISA ) product and the various problem diagnosis tools incorporated into it. The whitepaper can be downloaded from here:

The aim of this techdoc is to demonstrate the process involved with using ISA to investigate three main types of problems associated with WebSphere Application Server on z/OS, namely:
1. Garbage collection analysis
2. Heap usage - Heapdumps
3. Poor response - Javacores

The above three types of problems that can occur with WebSphere on z/OS are the same as what can occur with WebSphere on any distributed platform.

If you are already experienced with using the ISA tools described in this document from working with WebSphere on distributed platforms, then this document will show how only a relatively small amount of additional knowledge is required to use the same tools for analysis tasks for WebSphere on z/OS.

If you are new to supporting WebSphere in general, then this document will also be of use in showing how to go about using these tools.

The application examples used to demonstrate how to use ISA, are freely available for you to download and try out on your own system. This allows you to try out these commonly used ISA tools on your own system, so that you can gain some familiarity with them, rather then trying to work out how to use them for the first time when there is some crisis in your production environment.

WP101612 - Getting started with analysis of GC, Heapdumps and Javacores for WebSphere on






IBM System z Family

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