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IBM WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect

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Don Bagwell
David Follis, Edward E Mezarina, Michael Kearney

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS; z/OS

Abstract: WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect is software that enables z/OS systems such as CICS and IMS to better and more easily participate in today's Mobile computing environment. It runs inside Liberty Profile for z/OS and provides an interface between mobile and cloud devices and backend systems. It provides RESTful APIs and accepts JSON payloads, and communicates with backend systems for data and transactions.

Choose the Best Path for Your Environment
IBM WebSphere Application Server for z/OS 8.5
    z/OS Connect is a feature of WebSphere Liberty Profile or higher.

    WebSphere Liberty Profile and above can also be used with levels of CICS prior to V5.2 by using WebSphere Optimized Local Adapter (WOLA) communication.


IBM Information Management System (IMS) Transaction Manager (TM) V13 & V14
    Provided in IBM IMS Enterprise Suite for z/OS, V3.1.2 (5655-TDA)

    Recommend z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition beyond Liberty level.
    IBM DB2 for z/OS V10 & V11

    For information on the new z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition see:
    • Built on Liberty Profile for z/OS, which means it is lightweight and dynamic. It runs as a z/OS Started Task, which means it can run within your current operational procedures and routines.
    • Provides a RESTful API interface and accepts JSON data payloads.
    • Configurable so you control what backend programs or applications are exposed and accessible.
    • Provides a discovery function so application developers may query for a list of configured services as well as query for details on the services.
    • Capable of performing data conversion from JSON to the data format required by the backend configured service.
    • Optional authorization checking using SAF to allow or deny users access to z/OS Connect services.
    • Optional activity recording using SMF to track requests by date and time, bytes sent and received, response time, and CPU used.

    Technical Executive Two-Page Brochure

    z/OS Connect Presentation

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    IBM System z Family

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    WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect

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