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FlashSystem: Ideal Storage for IBM Power Systems

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Brian Twichell
William Bostic, Augie Mena III, Dave Siegel, Olga Yiparaki

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IBM Systems

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Product(s) covered:

AIX; FlashSystem; Power; Power Systems I/O; VIOS

Abstract: This paper describes how IBM Power Systems servers and FlashSystem storage combine synergistically to deliver leading-edge capabilities along each of the dimensions of response time, bandwidth, and throughput, thus making the combination an outstanding infrastructure choice for data-intensive organizations. The evolution of server performance is described, concentrating on the improvements in performance seen in the POWERŪ processor over time. Similarly, the evolution of storage performance is discussed, focusing on the order of magnitude improvements in response time, throughput, and density achieved with FlashSystem technology. Lastly, specific elements of the synergy between Power Systems servers and FlashSystem storage are covered, along with concrete examples of business applications that are accelerated by the Power Systems/FlashSystem combination.

Ideal Storage for IBM Power Systems.pdfIdeal Storage for IBM Power Systems.pdf


Hardware; Software


Product Positioning


EPIC; Oracle


IBM Power Systems; IBM Storage

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Information Management


AIX; IBM i; Linux


Power Systems, POWER, FlashSystem, Flash, Storage, AIX, VIOS, Linux, IBM i, Cloud, Analytics

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