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WebSphere z/OS V6 -- WSC Sample ND Configuration

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Don Bagwell

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Washington Systems Center

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Abstract: Like its predecessor WP100367 (for V5), this white paper documents the construction of an actual WebSphere for z/OS V6 ND configuration at the IBM Washington Systems Center. The cell -- "WPCELL" -- consists of a Deployment Manager and two application server nodes, one on SYSC and one on SYSD. A "horizontal cluster" is built spanning the two nodes. A section details how "global security" was enabled for this cell. An "unmanaged node" and an HTTP Server + Plugin configuration is also documented.

The planning of names, UIDs and ports for this cell was done with the planning spreadsheet found at Techdoc PRS1331. A copy of the completed spreadsheet is found attached here along with the PDF.

There is also a section titled, "Essential Concepts WebSphere and WebSphere on z/OS" -- this provides conceptual background on key topics for people who are new to the product. This section is divided into two parts: concepts that apply to WebSphere regardless of platform, and concepts that apply to WebSphere on z/OS specifically.

The document is quite long -- 250+ pages -- because it includes extensive commentary on why the configuration was built the way it was. This document should serve as a comprehensive reference for people seeking to understand how to build a robust, operational ND configuration on z/OS.

WP100653 - WebSphere V6 Sample ND Configuration.pdf WP100653 - V602 - Sample Configuration Spreadsheet.xls




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IBM System z Family

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WebSphere z/OS ND Sample Configuration WSC

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