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IBM WebSphere Java Batch z/OS - Compute Grid and WAS V8.5

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Don Bagwell
Lee-Win Tai, Rajesh P Ramachandran

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere; WebSphere Application Server for z/OS; WebSphere Application Server ND; z/OS

Abstract: IBM WebSphere Java Batch refers to the batch function offered in two products: IBM Compute Grid V8 and IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5. The Java batch function is identical in both.

IBM Compute Grid V8 requires a WebSphere Application Server foundation of either Version 7 or Version 8. Compute Grid is added to the WAS runtime through a process called "augmentation." Once added, the Java batch function described in this Techdoc is available to the WAS runtime environment.

IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5 has the Compute Grid V8 function included. Customers who install and configure WAS V8.5 will have the Java batch function identical to Compute Grid V8. No augmentation is required.

The following documentation describes IBM WebSphere Java Batch function, starting from a high-level overview and working down to more detail.

There is a general focus on z/OS in this content, but much of the function is common across platforms.

Important Note about Open Standard Java Batch
Batch processing using Java is now defined by an open standard specification called JSR-352. IBM has implemented JSR-352 in Liberty, including Liberty z/OS. Information on that can be found here:

We are leaving the Compute Grid information in this Techdoc for reference. However, if you are exploring Java for batch processing, you should consider the open standard implementation. See the WP102544 Techdoc for more.

Positioning Different Java Batch Solutions on z/OS
Several approaches to Java batch on z/OS exist, and making sense of how they position against one another is not always obvious. The following chart deck provides a technical overview of those solutions and how they compare to one another.

Two PDFs are provided: one with charts only, and the other as speaker-notes explaining the chart and why it is included in the deck.

Technical / Executive Overview Brochures
    Note: these brochures, printed in color on glossy paper, results in a very nice brochure for briefings and meetings.
    The following presentation provides a discussion of the following topics:
    • Business Pressures on Traditional Batch
    • IBM WebSphere Java Batch Overview
    • IBM WebSphere Java Batch Feature Focus
    • IBM WebSphere Java Batch for z/OS Focus
    • IBM WebSphere Java Batch Deployment Scenarios

    Two PDF files -- one of the presentation charts, the other of the charts with speaker notes.
    WP101783 - Presentation Notes - IBM WebSphere Java Batch.pdfWP101783 - Presentation Notes - IBM WebSphere Java Batch.pdf
    WP101783 - Presentation Notes - IBM WebSphere Java Batch.pdf
    WP101783 - Presentation Charts - IBM WebSphere Java Batch.pdfWP101783 - Presentation Charts - IBM WebSphere Java Batch.pdf
    WP101783 - Presentation Charts - IBM WebSphere Java Batch.pdf
White Paper
    The following white paper provides a more detailed coverage of the following topics:
    • Introduction to Java batch processing
    • Overview of WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5 (which includes WebSphere Java Batch function)
    • Overview of Compute Grid V8 (which is identical to the WebSphere Java Batch function in WAS V8.5)
    • Focus on the COBOL Container, Skip-Record, Retry-Step, Job Listeners, and the Parallel Job Manager

    WP101783 - White Paper - IBM WebSphere Java Batch.pdf
    WP101783 - White Paper - IBM WebSphere Java Batch.pdf


Part 1 - Business Presssures on Traditional Batch
Time: 5:56
WP101783 - Part 1 - Business Pressures on Traditional Batch.mp4

Part 2 - Overview of WebSphere Java Batch
Time: 16:46
WP101783 - Part 2 - Overview of WebSphere Java Batch.mp4

Part 3 - Focus on New Features in CG V8 and WAS V8.5
Time: 13:41

WP101783 - Part 3 - Focus on New Features.mp4

Part 4 - WebSphere Java Batch and z/OS
Time: 13:10
WP101783 - Part 3 - Focus on New Features.mp4


    This WP102783 Techdoc previously contained information about Compute Grid V6.1.3 and the Batch Feature Pack.

    Some of the documents that existed before are preserved here.

    Simple HelloWord Batch Application Using the Web Service and RMI Interfaces
    z/OS Scheduler and Distributed WCG
      The purpose of this document is to describe how to schedule batch jobs from z/OS into a WXD CG environment on a distributed platform by means of the WSGRID native connector that is provided as part of the WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid for z/OS.
      Note: the WSGRID interface is consistent from past releases to the present, so this information is still applicable.
    YouTube Videos
      Note: the general concepts provided in these videos still apply.




Planning and Design



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WebSphere; IBM System z Software


AIX; Linux; Windows; z/OS


Java Batch Compute Grid CG WSGRID WAS V8 V8.5

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