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IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) V8 for z/OS Configuration Guide

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Don Bagwell
Michael Poirier

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Process Server; z/OS

Abstract: This white paper provides easy step-by-step instructions to configure IBM Business Process Manager Advanced for z/OS V8: Process Server and a Process Center on Linux for System z.
Use the attached spreadsheet and WebSphere Customization Toolbox (WCT) to create the job streams, artifacts, and instructions to perform this configuration with a minimum number of steps.
A WebSphere network deployment manager and managed nodes are all created and configured with IBM BPM by this automated process.
(Updated February 6, 2013 for BPM Version 8.0.1.)

Also included is a spreadsheet and document to configure a BPM V.8 Process Center on zLinux.

See the following Wildfire Class which provides a 2-day workshop to configure BPM on z/OS:
ZBPM8 - "Business Process Manager V8"
Enroll via your IBM Rep. who can contact Judy Vadnais-Keute via email: Judith Vadnais/Poughkeepsie/IBM or (
See techdoc PRS5030 for copies of the workshop materials.

Use these Slides and Spreadsheets to define the environment specific customization variables for WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V8 with IBM Business Process Manager Advanced for z/OS V8.
Process Server on z/OS: Here is an outline of the steps:
  1. Output documents produced by the spreadsheet:
    • Installation response files (Deployment Manager, Empty Nodes)
    • Deployment Environment document for the DE wizard
    • Database design files and Database definitions
  2. Use the Install IBM Installation Manager to install and configure the WCT with the BPM extension (WBI.wct)
  3. Use the WCT to generate the jobs to create the BPM "Stacked" Environment for:
    • Deployment Manager
    • Custom node
  4. Run the Deployment Manager Configuration Jobs including BPZAUGD to augment BPM
  5. Create the required database and tables using the generated DDL and scripts
  6. Define the RACF STARTED and SERVER Classes for the new server
  7. Run the Configuration Jobs for the Empty Node including BPZAUGN to augment BPM, Then Federate it to the DMgr
  8. Use the Deployment Environment: Create Single Cluster topology using the deploy file from the spreadsheet
  9. Update Process Server configuration with using the script.
  10. Re-synchronize the entire Cell (Stop and re-start all Started tasks.)
  11. Bootstrap Process Server database using the

Process Center on Linux:
Use these Slides and Spreadsheets to define the environment-specific customization variables for the BPM V8 Process Center:
Updated 18 Feb 2013: WP102075_C1Cell_Installation_801.pdfWP102075_C1Cell_Installation_801.pdf




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Business Integration


IBM System z Family

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BPM, Business Process Manager, V8, z/OS, WebSphere, Process Server, Process Center

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