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Deploying Oracle DBaaS with vRealize Automation 7.2, vRealize Orchestrator and IBM PowerVC 1.3.1

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Ralf Schmidt-Dannert
Stephen Poon

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BI/ERP Solutions Center

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AIX; Cloud

Abstract: This paper describes the design for an Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS) proof of technology (PoT) in a private cloud model. The PoT was developed by the IBM Washington Systems Center (WSC), North America Power - Oracle Solutions team and illustrates how a fully functional Oracle Database 12c on AIX can be deployed from VMwareŽ vRealize™, without human intervention, in less than 30 minutes after the end-user request was approved.

This paper builds on the Proof of Technology described in “Deploying Oracle Database as a Service with IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager 1.3.1” (see section: References). This POT adds VMware vRealize Automation™ (vRA) with WMware vRealize Orchestrator™ (vRO) as the control point to request, deploy and manage an Oracle DBaaS environment on AIX on IBM Power server.

Readers of this paper are assumed to be familiar with the IBM Power environment, IBM PowerVC, AIX system administration, Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c and VMware vRealize Automation 7.2.

deploy_oracle_database_with_pvc131_and_vrealize_automation_v1.0fin.pdfdeploy_oracle_database_with_pvc131_and_vrealize_automation_v1.0fin.pdf wfDBaaSv2.workflowwfDBaaSv2.workflow


Software; Solutions


Operational Management




Oracle; VMware


IBM Power Systems




VMware vRealize, VMware Orchestrator, vRA, vRO, DBaaS, Oracle, AIX, PowerVC

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