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DB2 for z/OS Down Level Detection

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Ganesh Prabakaran
Venkata R Mallina

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Global Delivery

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DB2 Universal Database for z/OS

Abstract: Down level detection is an issue which cause ­904 resource unavailable error, with the underlying VSAM dataset of the tablespace/index as the unavailable resource. This is not a physical data inconsistent error, this is a logical data inconsistent error. This will occur when we restore the db2 page sets through non­DB2 restoration technique ( stand­alone utility or a non­DB2 utility) without resetting RBA in page sets or at DB2 restart phase after abnormal shutdown. This paper will give clear explanation about down level detection, With some examples, and how DBA can resolve the issue.

DB2 ZOS Down level detection.pdfDB2 ZOS Down level detection.pdf




Backup and Recovery


IBM Security Solution



Down level detection, 00C2010D, DSN1COPY RESET option

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