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Tivoli Information/Management for z/OS Invoking multiple Assisted Entry Panel Program Exits from a Single Field

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Michael Sine

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Abstract: Info/Mgmt offers a number of program exits to perform frequently requested functions. Many of these program exits are designed to be invoked at the field level from the Info/Mgmt Assisted-Entry panel. There is a restriction of one program exit invocation from a given AE panel effectively limiting a single program exit per field by default. However, it is common for process flows to require the functions of more than one program exit for a given field’s attributes. This whitepaper will offer a way to use PMF modifications to allow multiple program exit invocations for a single Info/Mgmt field.





Operational Management


IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software



Information Management, Info/Mgmt, Infoman, TSD/390, Program Exit, BLG01246, BLG01439, BLG6PTRF

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