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Server Virtualization and Consolidation - A case study

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Ravi Singh

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Field Technical Sales Support

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AIX; AIX 5L; IBM eServer p5; IBM System p5; p5 590; p5 595; Power5

Abstract: This whitepaper discusses a case study of server consolidation and virtualization project using the Advanced POWER Virtualization (APV) feature of IBM System p Server for a Business Intelligence application environment of a large enterprise in Industrial Sector. The discussion is focused on business requirement, server architecture, APV features used, capacity planning and resource planning, methodology and tools, and benefits to the customer.

The scope of this project was to enable a technology refresh of old hardware, Virtualize and consolidate twenty seven stand alone servers, upgrade the OS and middleware to the supported levels, improve utilization and availability of hardware, and adopt a industry standard network infrastructure to communicate and share data between servers. This paper highlights how the Server Virtualization enabled the customer to reduce the TCO by optimizing the utilization of computing resources.

APV Case Study.pdf


Hardware; Solutions


Planning and Design


Business Intelligence


IBM System p Family




AIX, APV, p5, System p, Advanced POWER Virtualization, Virtual Ethernet, Shared Ethernet, Virtual SCSI, LPAR, HMC, p5-595, shared resources, VIO, Virtual IO Server, server consolidation, capacity planning, resource planning, resource allocation, resource management

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