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Solving the long term archiving challenges with Spectrum Protect™ for Data Retention solutions

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Nils Haustein

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Technical Sales Support - Europe

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Product(s) covered:

System Storage DR550; Tape Drive; Tivoli Storage Manager

Abstract: In the backdrop of exponentially growing data accelerated by new IT trends - such as clouds, analytics, mobile and social - digital archiving is becoming more and more important. The ever growing volumes of data along with stringent regulatory and industry compliance requirements are the main drivers for long term archival solutions. Just using backups to fulfill the requirements for archiving is not sufficient.

This paper gives a brief introduction to the motivations for digital archiving and describes the generic architecture for an archive system. It becomes clear that the intelligence of an archiving solution comes from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. The archive storage protects the archived data and manages the storage life cycle. The IBM Spectrum Protect for Data Retention solution serves as an example as to how these requirements can be met by virtue of using advanced innovative IT technologies.

Finally, the paper outlines how various IBM software and hardware components can be combined and optimized to implement tailor-made arching solutions for different kind of data.



Software; Solutions


Product Positioning


Business Innovation and Optimization (BIO)




AIX; Linux; Windows


SpectrumProtectforDataRetention, SSAM, archiving, compliance, hybrid cloud

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