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IBM Copy Services Manager and z/OS HyperSwap implementation

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Thomas Luther

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IBM Systems

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CSM; DS8000; DS8800; DS8870; DS8880; DS8882F; DS8884; DS8886; DS8888; IBM System Storage; IBM System z; IBM Z; z Systems; z/OS

Abstract: This White Paper aids in the planning and implementation of various CSM connection topologies as well as the optional integration and configuration of z/OS HyperSwap and/or CSM Host IP connection setup in order to manage mainframe storage replication. Furthermore it describes best practices for z/OS LPAR configuration to support HyperSwap.

IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) is able to manage various types of Enterprise storage devices. It supports direct TCP/IP connections to IBM storage systems, but is also able to manage IBM and Hitachi VSP CKD devices through a FICON connection via a z/OS LPAR, which has the CKD devices defined in its Input/Output configuration. With a FICON connection, CSM communicates through the z/OS Input/Output supervisor (IOS) to the backend storage controller, in order to query device status and send copy services commands via Channel Command Words (CCWs). To utilize a FICON connection, CSM does not need to be installed on the z/OS LPAR itself, but may also be connected to the LPAR via a host IP socket connection that must be configured on the LPAR and on the CSM servers.
This paper will discuss various implementation topologies, their individual requirements but also their limitations in order to get a better understanding what will fit best to individual customer environment and requirements.

This paper will also outline the various implementation steps and refer to available product documentation or Redbooks when additional details might be required. It aims to be a roadmap for the implementation and the required configuration topics on the CSM servers, as well as on z/OS for proper HyperSwap and/or host IP connection setup.

CSM and zOS HyperSwap Implementation 1.2.pdf


Hardware; Software


Installation and Migration


IBM Storage; IBM Z




csm, replication, multi-target, ds8000, HyperSwap, zOS, PPRC

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