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WAS z/OS V8 - Granular Control Functions

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Don Bagwell
David Follis

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS; z/OS

Abstract: In WAS z/OS Version 8 a new set of function was provided that allows you much more granular control over the behavior of WAS for things such as timeouts, SMF recording and tracing. Before WAS z/OS V8 many of these behaviors were configurable down to the server level only. For servers with multiple applications a "server level" configuration was often not granular enough. So in WAS z/OS V8 the configurability was pushed lower still -- to the individual request level. Now these configurable actions of WAS can be differentiated at a much more granular level.

This paper covers what the new function provides, how it is used, and the relationship the new configuration mechanisms have with existing environment variables and existing MODIFY functions.

WP102023 - WAS zOS V8 RAS Granularity.pdfWP102023 - WAS zOS V8 RAS Granularity.pdf




Operational Management


IBM System z Family

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WebSphere; IBM System z Software




WAS z/OS granular RAS request level classification file message tagging

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