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Guide to WAS z/OS Documentation and Presentations

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Don Bagwell
David Follis, Jeff Summers

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS; z/OS

Abstract: WebSphere Application Server for z/OS is IBM's offering for serving Java EE applications and solutions on the System z and z/OS platform. We are often asked for pointers to recommended documentation on WAS z/OS. The attached PDF provides those pointers with hyperlinks that will take you directly to the referenced documentation pages.

Guide Key Documentation

Guide to Additional Documentation
    This PDF provides links to even more WAS z/OS documentation. The PDF is organized into functional categories, with the title to each document provided along with a hyperlink to the webpage.

Guide to WSC Guidelines for a Healthy WebSphere Runtime on z/OS




Planning and Design


IBM System z Family

S/W Pillar(s):

WebSphere; IBM System z Software




WAS z/OS WebSphere z/OS Documentation Presentations

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