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IBM Spectrum Scale Information Lifecycle Management Policies - Practical guide

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Nils Haustein

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Technical Sales Support - Europe

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Product(s) covered:

GPFS for Linux; GPFS; Tape Drive

Abstract: This whitepaper is an easy guide to understand the IBM Spectrum Scale™ Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) policies. It presents the basics syntax and usage of placement, migration and list rules and policies and gives comprehensive examples for implementation.

This guide focuses on ILM policies to be used in conjunction with IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition (LTFS EE) and IBM Spectrum Protect for Space Management (TSM HSM).

GPFS ILM Policies_v9.pdfGPFS ILM Policies_v9.pdf
(Version 9 including premigration and recall using MIGRATE policies and interface scripts)


Software; Solutions


Planning and Design


Cloud; Digital Media

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AIX; Linux


spectrum_scale, spectrum_archive ltfsee ilm archiving

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