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Migrating Compute Grid to WebSphere Java Batch

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Don Bagwell
Douglas Macintosh

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: With the release of WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5 (or above, all platforms), the IBM Compute Grid Java Batch product function has been incorporated into the WAS V8.5 product itself. Install WAS V8.5 or above and you have the Java Batch function available to you.

However, if you had Compute Grid installed and configured at the lower level (V6.1.1 or V8.0), and you want to move to WAS V8.5 or above, you will want to migrate your Compute Grid configuration to the new level. The following documents provide guidance on how to do that.

These guides were written by Doug MacIntosh of the IBM WebSphere Persona Test organization in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Four Migration Guides and Three Migration Approaches
    Four guides will be made available, based on two variables:
    • Operating system -- z/OS or Linux on a distributed operating system
    • Starting point -- CG 6.1.1 or CG 8
    Three migration approaches are provided in each guide:
    1. Migrate in place
    2. Add additional nodes along side existing CG nodes
    3. Build a new V8.5.5 cell and migrate the applications.

Migration Guides by Operating System and Starting Point

Earlier Guide

    The migration guide that was published under this Techdoc number in the past has been retired in favor of these new guides. For those who would like a copy of the previous guide, e-mail Don Bagwell at




Installation and Migration


IBM System z Family

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Compute Grid, CG, WCG, WebSphere Java Batch, migration, Java Batch

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