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Deploying Oracle Database with IBM Cloud Automation Manager and IBM PowerVC

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Ralf Schmidt-Dannert
Stephen Poon

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BI/ERP Solutions Center

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AIX; IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack; IBM Cloud Private; IBM Power Systems; Oracle; Oracle Database; Oracle RDBMS

Abstract: This paper builds on the Proof of Technology described in “Deploying OracleŽ Database as a Service with IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager 1.3.1” where we demonstrate how IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager (PowerVC) technology enables the implementation of Database-as-A-Service (DBaaS) for an OracleŽ database.

In the first section of this paper we demonstrate how to utilize IBM Cloud Automation Manager (CAM), instead of (PowerVC), to provide the control point and end-user interface for DBaaS for an Oracle database, while re-using the existing PowerVC image developed in the earlier project.

We then expand the scope and illustrate the workload orchestration capabilities of CAM by creating a deployable service which co-deploys two virtual machines (VM) - a database server and an application server. The result of that orchestrated deployment is a running and pre-loaded oracle database and a workload driver in the second VM ready for the end-user to connect to and drive simulated transactions against the database.

Latest versions of this document and code can be found on GitHub at:
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Hardware; Software; Solutions


Operational Management






IBM Power Systems


AIX; Linux


Oracle, DBaaS, AIX, IBM Cloud Private, ICP, IBM Cloud Automation Manager, CAM

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