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Accessing Legacy Schema in HANA 2.0 HDI Container of XS Advanced Application

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Dipanshu Roy

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Global Business Services

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Abstract: This document aims at providing a brief reference about how to access legacy schemas or HANA artifacts in legacy schema from XS Advanced(XSA) applications. HDI (HANA Deployment Infrastructure) is a service layer of the SAP HANA database that simplifies the deployment of HANA database artifacts by providing a declarative approach for defining database objects and ensuring a consistent deployment into the database. SAP HANA HDI container consists of a design-time container and a corresponding run-time container. Database schema abstracted by HDI container and should only be accessed via container. In HDI container only local objects are allowed and foreign objects can only be accessed by synonyms. This article would provide reference about how to access such schemas in the HDI container of XSA applications.





Installation and Migration


Big Data and Analytics; Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS/ERP)


Linux; Solaris


HANA 2.0, XSA, HDI, HANA Modeling, HANA 2.0 upgrade, HANA SQL, HANA Web IDE, HANA 2.0 services

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