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Positioning Linux and Linux Application Cloud Deployment Options for IBM Z and IBM LinuxOne Platforms

Document Author:

Paul W Novak

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Doc. Organization:

IBM Systems

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Product(s) covered:

Cloud; Dynamic Partition Manager (DPM); eXtreme Cloud Administration Toolkit (xCAT); GUI; IBM Cloud Private; IBM LinuxONE; IBM System z; IBM Wave for z/VM; IBM Z; Linux; LinuxONE; Linux on zSeries; Systems Management; z Systems; z/VM

Abstract: Are you looking to create an enterprise-class hybrid cloud environment with extreme security, scalability, and efficiency while advancing cost-saving opportunities? Cloud deployment of Linux instances and applications on the IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE platforms are critical to the success of many existing IBM clients due to the legendary hardware capabilities and virtually unrivaled low total cost of ownership at-scale. What about those exploring the platforms for the first time, or looking to expand and modernize; what are the current options? This paper provides a technical overview of the technologies that can support your journey into hybrid cloud on IBM Z or IBM LinuxONE. Gain insight into the options regarding the type of xAAS cloud services supported, manage-from and manage-to capabilities, and the type of use cases best suited for each option.



Software; Solutions


Product Positioning


Business Integration; Cloud



S/W Pillar(s):

IBM System z Software


Linux; Linux on IBM Z; z/VM


Cloud, IBM Z, LinuxONE, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, Containers, Cloud Manager Appliance, CMA, Linux, Dynamic Partition Manager, z/VM, KVM

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