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DS8000 Security Reference Architecture

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Craig Gordon
Nick Clayton, Harry Yudenfriend, Yang SH Liu

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Advanced Technical Sales

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DS8000; DS8880; DS8884; DS8886; DS8888

Abstract: This paper describes the storage security capabilities of the DS8000 including the most recent advancements in storage security functions and the value they provide clients.

This whitepaper describes the most recent mechanisms put into place for the DS8000 family of storage systems to help enterprises protect their data. For example, Logical Corruption Protection helps clients recover from attacks on their data. Resource Groups provides a multi-tenant security capability that allows clients to specify policy to restrict the use of replication functionality to predefined groups of devices. Clients choosing to deploy host based dataset and file encryption capabilities have to consider the ramifications on other parts of the SAN infrastructure.
DS8000 Security Reference Architecture 09-15-2017.pdfDS8000 Security Reference Architecture 09-15-2017.pdf




Planning and Design


IBM Storage



DS8000 Security Architecture

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