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Network performance between AIX and SLES partitions on the same CEC using Platform Large Send Offload.

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Thomas Marien
Patrick Mensac

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Systems Sales

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Linux; POWER8; PowerVM; SAP

Abstract: The Power Hypervisor allows for the creation of high speed networks and allows consolidated workloads to communicate through virtual switches. By circumventing the technical limitations of wired network solutions this hypervisor based network provides a performance advantage and benefits solutions with high network traffic such as SAP HANA. This solution has been available for AIX to AIX communication since ~2005. For packets destined to another LPAR within the managed system and connected to the same virtual switch and on the same VLAN, the receiver must have the ability to handle large sized packets, and for a long time Linux on Power lacked this functionality. With more and more business applications running on Linux Operating Systems (e.g. SAP HANA), the virtual Ethernet drivers and AIX specific mechanisms have been updated to enable “Large Send” also for AIX/Linux and Linux/Linux partitions. In this document we look at the requirements to setup these technologies and explore the performance to be expected. In conclusion we find that with Platform Large Send Offload, we can drive network bandwidths in excess of 50Gb/s between AIX and SLES partitions within the same CEC.

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Hardware; Software






IBM Power Systems


AIX; Linux


Platform Large Send

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