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FICON Multihop: Requirements and Configurations

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Pasquale A Catalano
Steve Guendert

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IBM Systems

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FICON; IBM System z; SAN

Abstract: Through this whitepaper and supporting z Systems Storage Area Network (SAN) qualification letters, IBM announced support for a new set of cascaded FICON configurations for FICON interswitch links (ISLs) called FICON Multihop. FICON Multihop allows support for cascading up to four switches, three hops, expanding the previous restriction of two cascaded switches, one hop. Multihop is only supported using traditional static routing methods, and is not supported in conjunction with FICON Dynamic Routing (FIDR).

FICON Multihop White Paper 2018-03.pdfFICON Multihop White Paper 2018-03.pdf


Hardware; Solutions


Planning and Design


Business Integration


IBM System z Family; Networking



FICON, Multihop, SAN, z, z13, z13s

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