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Agile Integration - The Breakpoints

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Yash V Bhutada
Akshay Sahni

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Global Business Services

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All Products

Abstract: While hybrid Agile and Waterfall models may function well for certain organizations, they can be disastrous for others. Using a combination of both methodologies enables organizations to justify behaviors and processes that simply cannot coexist or are blatantly contradictory in a system. In this white paper, we explore projects that have large integrations across multiple work streams. In our discussion, we pinpoint key process areas that make organizations uncomfortable or lose confidence in Agile, points at which they might break and abandon their commitment.

Agile Integration Paper - Final.pdfAgile Integration Paper - Final.pdf


Hardware; Software; Services; Solutions


Planning and Design


Big Data and Analytics; Business-to-Business (B2B) or e-Marketplace; Business Integration; Business Intelligence; e-Commerce; Product Lifecycle Management (PLM); Supply Chain Management (SCM); Wireless




Android; i5/OS; iOS; Windows


Agile, Waterfall, Integration, Hybrid, Product Strategy, Work Stream Alignment, Dependencies

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