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DB2 for Z/OS LOB Data Administration

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Venkata R Mallina

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Global Technology Services

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DB2 Universal Database for z/OS

Abstract: The following document is for IBM DB2 for z/OS, Topic is LOB data administration. As a DB2 DBA administrator every one should have strong knowledge on how to create the objects and how to maintain data by running utilities. When that object involves LOB data then complexity increases, since creating objects for LOB data and maintaining them by utilities is different when compared to that of for pure RDMS objects. This paper will give clear idea on how to create objects for LOB data, what issues may arise while creating, what are the considerations should take, how to maintain them with utilities, especially backup and recovery, and some system fundamentals. This paper will mainly applicable to DB2 versions 10 and 11.

LOB Data Admininstation(R) (copy).pdfLOB Data Admininstation(R) (copy).pdf




Planning and Design


Business Innovation and Optimization (BIO)


IBM System z Family

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Information Management




LOB Data Administration

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