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z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition V2.0 Getting Started Guide

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Mitch Johnson
Don Bagwell, Nigel Williams, Carl Farkas

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Abstract: Back in 2014, IBM made available z/OS Connect V1.0, which provided a basic REST-handling capability with integration to backend systems such as CICS and IMS.

In December of 2015 IBM announced z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition 2.0, which is a separately licensed and priced product with several key functional enhancements over V1.0. This Techdoc will be the zGrowth team's repository for collateral related to z/OS Connect EE V2.0.

Two Page Technical Overview
    This two-page document provides a very high-level technical overview of z/OS Connect EE V2.0. It is intended for those interested in understanding what z/OS Connect EE V2.0 is, how it works, and how it fits within a broader architectural context.

    WP102604 - zOS Connect EE V2 Two-Page.pdfWP102604 - zOS Connect EE V2 Two-Page.pdf

    This document can be used to introduce z/OS Connect EE V2.0 and then follow up with a more detailed discussion about specifics.

Overview Presentation
Getting Started Guide
    This guide provides a step-by-step set of instructions for getting started with z/OS Connect EE V2.0.

    WP102604 - zOS Connect EE V2 Getting Started.pdf

    The guide is divided into four sections:
      1. Installation and setup -- applies to both CICS and IMS usage
      2. CICS and the Catalog Manager sample -- for those looking to work with CICS as the backend SoR
      3. IMS and the Phone Book sample -- for those looking to work with IMS as the backend SoR
      4. Miscellaneous Information -- other information cross-referenced from the first three sections

    The CICS section makes reference to an Eclipse project that can be imported to provide the full API to use with the Catalog Manager sample program. That project is included in this zip:

    Office Supplies.zipOffice

    The "Office" file contains:
      • The Eclipse project that represents the full API for the Catalog Manager sample program (
      • The SAR files for the three services of the Catalog Manager sample program (inquireCatalog, inquireSingle and placeOrder)
      • The deployable AAR file for the API (CatalogManager.aar)
      • The request and response JSON files for the three services underlying the API
z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition Beyond Getting Started
    The aim of this document is to provide information about some of the next steps after you have performed the initial "getting started" process.

    This document was written by Edward McCarthy of IBM Australia.
  • Chapter 2 -- What Swagger is and how to go about setting it up
  • Chapter 3 -- How z/OS Connect can support non-English languages
  • Chapter 4 -- New option on the command used to register a CICS region to z/OS Connect that used in conjunction with CICS and CPSM dynamic routing features reduces the need for various CICS transaction and program definitions


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z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition EE V2.0

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