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SAS business analytics deployment on IBM POWER8 processor-based systems with IBM XIV and IBM FlashSystem

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Abhijit Mane
Beth Hoffman

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IBM Systems

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FlashSystem; FlashSystem 900; POWER8; PowerVM; XIV storage systems

Abstract: This technical white paper describes the performance tuning recommendations to successfully deploy SAS business analytics on IBM POWER8 processor-based servers. The paper describes the test environment, the testing that was performed and SAS analytics performance results. The test environment includes the SAS business analytics solution running on an IBM Power System S822 (8284-22A) server with IBM AIX 7.1 operating system and IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 with IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly IBM GPFS).

The paper also describes the deployment of SAS analytics on IBM POWER8 processor-based servers with IBM XIV and IBM FlashSystem in a hybrid-storage model, along with configuration and tuning recommendations.


Hardware; Solutions




Big Data and Analytics; Business Intelligence; ISV Applications




IBM Power Systems; IBM Storage




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