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Checklist for Establishing Group Capacity Profiles

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Pedro Y Acosta

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Systems HW Sales

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PureData System for Transactions; # 2817; # 2818; # 2827

Abstract: This paper describes the procedure for setting up a Group Capacity profile and assigning LPARs to become members of the group. A Group Capacity limit is similar to Defined Capacity, except it defines the software MSU limit for a group of LPARs. Capacity groups are defined at the HMC with a capacity limit in MSUs for all the members of the group. Each LPAR may be defined to only one group. As LPARs in the group run work, their rolling 4-hour average is calculated. If the total rolling 4-hour average for the group reaches the group capacity limit, each LPAR is then capped to its target limit. The target limit assigned to each LPAR is based on its LPAR weight as a percentage of the sum of the weights of all member LPARs.

ATS - Checklist for Establishing Group Capacity Profiles.pdfATS - Checklist for Establishing Group Capacity Profiles.pdf


Hardware; Software





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IBM System z Software




Group Capacity, Soft Cap, Hard Cap, Defined Capacity

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