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SAP BW-EML Performance on IBM i

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Susan Bestgen
Ron Schmerbauch

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DB2 for i; IBM i; IBM System Storage; Power 750; SAP; SSD

Abstract: In 2012, SAP introduced a new Enhanced Mixed Load benchmark (BW-EML) to its evolving suite of business warehouse benchmarks. BW-EML targets business warehouse demands for ever-growing database sizes and increased reporting complexity. While other database engines are seeking enhancements like columnar data store to be competitive in the large data space, IBM i running on IBM Power Systems has continued to deliver industry leading performance with DB2 for i.

From the first BW certification in 2004 on DB2 for i5/OS V5R3, followed by 6 certifications on SAP’s BI Datamart benchmark, and 9 unchallenged SAP BI Mixed Load (BI-XML) certifications, IBM i running on IBM Power Systems and DB2 for i have recorded nearly a decade of strong benchmark results across the SAP business warehouse benchmarks.

In August 2013, this tradition continues as IBM i certified industry leading results in the SAP BW-EML 500,000,000 row benchmark with 66,900 query navigation steps per hour on a IBM POWER model 750.

This article provides an overview of the BW-EML benchmark, details on the IBM i certification, and describes the DB2 for i unique database technology that helped achieve these results.

SAP BW-EML Performance on IBM i_final_SAPapproved.pdfSAP BW-EML Performance on IBM i_final_SAPapproved.pdf


Hardware; Software; Services




Business Intelligence




IBM Power Systems




IBM Power Systems, IBM i, DB2 for IBM i, SAP, EML, Benchmark, performance

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