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IBM® Virtualization Engine TS7700 Series Best Practices - Logical WORM

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Parker Wall

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IBM Systems

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# 3956; # 3957; # 3957-V06; Virtualization Engine; Virtualization Engine TS7700

Abstract: The TS7700 Virtualization Engine supports the logical write once, read many (WORM) function through TS7700 Virtualization Engine software emulation. The host views the TS7700 Virtualization Engine as a Logical WORM (LWORM) compliant library that contains WORM-compliant 3490E logical drives and media.

The LWORM implementation consists of two major components, the TS7700 itself and the host’s Tape Management System (TMS). The TS7700 protects data from overwrite and modification and the TMS controls retention of the LWORM volume.

A report from Cohasset Associates was commissioned by IBM to evaluate the TS7700 LWORM implementation. The report is referenced in the next section. This paper looks beyond the Cohasset report and provides best practices for protecting the solution from changes made to LWORM policies by unauthorized personnel. This paper also provides details of some of the items mentioned in the Cohasset Associates report.

White Paper - TS7700 Best Practices - Logical WORM.pdfWhite Paper - TS7700 Best Practices - Logical WORM.pdf




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IBM Storage



ts7700, ts7720, ts7740, 7700, 7720, 7740, virtualization engine, logical worm, lworm

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