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Implementing the Output APAR (PM74923) enhancements in WebSphere Application Server on z/OS

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Don Bagwell
Mike Cox

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: The new function provided via (PM74923) is the addition of a single environment variable. The value associated with the variable is a path name which will be used to store the information which normally would be sent to the destination specified by the SYSPRINT DD card (STDOUT) and the SYSOUT DD card (STDERR). It also provides a way to seamlessly close the existing file and switch to a new file via the entry of a z/OS MODIFY command. The MODIFY command would allow the timely “rolling” of these files based on an installations needs, probably via regular automation.

While the APAR addresses getting the files into the filesystem, this document describes an approach that enables the viewing of those files, associated with specific cells, nodes, clusters or servers to be viewed by designated groups of people in a simple manner, without providing access by those groups to the physical file system components. This is done by exploiting the functionality of the APACHE HTTP server included in WebSphere on z/OS.

Implementing the Output APAR enhancements.pdfImplementing the Output APAR enhancements.pdf




Operational Management


IBM System z Family

S/W Pillar(s):

WebSphere; IBM System z Software


MVS; OS/390; z/OS


WebSphere application server, z/OS, message, routing, joblog, SYSOUT, SYSPRINT, SYSLOG, HFS, SPIN, JES, SPOOL

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