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IBM Enterprise System: SAP Bank Analyzer 8.0 AFI Loan Tests

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Veng Ly
Brenda Beane, Seewah Chan, Paul Lekkas, Michael Sheets

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IBM Systems

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AIX; DB2 for z/OS and OS/390; DS8800; POWER7; Power 780; zEnterprise 196; z/OS

Abstract: This paper documents some of the tests we did with SAP’s most recent release of Bank Analyzer (BA) - Release 8.0 (BA8). This is a continuation of and builds on our previous experiences with SAP’s Bank Analyzer 7.0 (BA7). It is assumed the reader is familiar with that work. We will not go into much depth on BA’s functionality. However, SAP provides some. IBM and SAP have worked together for several years on many aspects of SAP Banking solutions for large enterprises. One example is the SAP for Banking on System z Reference Architecture.

In addition to up-leveling the BA application, we also up-leveled to DB2 10 for z/OS, z/OS, the zEnterprise Server, the System Storage, as well as changing the workload. All this will be discussed in more detail in later sections.

These tests were not formal benchmarks.



Hardware; Software; Solutions


Product Positioning


Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS/ERP); ISV Applications




IBM System p Family; IBM System z Family; IBM Storage

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Information Management; IBM System z Software




SAP, Bank Analyzer 8, zEnterprise, System Storage, DB2 for z/OS, z/OS, performance

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