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Parallel Sysplex Coupling Facility Dumps

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Riaz Ahmad
Nicole M Fagen, Daniel Rinck, Anna M Clayton

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z10 BC; z10 EC; z114; z196; zEnterprise; zEnterprise 196; z/OS

Abstract: There are situations when a serialized dump of a coupling facility is required to diagnose an issue. The ability to disruptively collect a serialized coupling facility dump has always existed. A disruptive dump of a coupling facility requires the coupling facility to stop, dump and then restart. All of the structures in the coupling facility at the time of the disruptive dump were “lost” when the coupling facility restarted. With the z196, IBM enhanced first failure data capture (FFDC) with the introduction of the capability to take a non-disruptive serialized dump of a coupling facility (ND CF dump). For this type of dump, the CF image does not stop, is not restarted, and structures in the CF are not “lost.” This paper discusses Non-disruptive serialized dumps, system programmer action and how to initiate the dump.

CF ND Dump.pdfCF ND Dump.pdf


Hardware; Software


Operational Management


IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software




CF, Coupling Facility, Non-disruptive, z/OS, SVC Dumps

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