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The value of the Advanced Analytics Framework

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Chuck Gray

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e-business Solutions Technical Support

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Abstract: Executives want better ways to communicate complex insights, so they can quickly absorb the meaning of the data and take action on it. The next generation of analytics, as we are seeing now, will focus on supplementing standard historical reporting with emerging data that make information come alive. These include data visualization and process simulation, as well as text and voice analytics, social media analysis, and other predictive and prescriptive techniques. These tools can make insights easier to understand and to act on at every point in the organization, and at every skill level. They transform Event to Data to Information to Knowledge to actionable insights that can be readily put to use instead of relying on further interpretation or leaving them to on the shelf due to uncertainty about how to act.

The IBM Communication and Media and Entertainmnet Framework rev 5.docThe IBM Communication and Media and Entertainmnet Framework rev 5.doc




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